The Third Day 2020: Jesus vs. Anxiety

I’m so honored to be taking part for the second time in Julia’s Third Day Easter celebration! The theme for this year’s event really took me aback, because it resonated with me so deeply, based on a fairly recent experience.

I’m one the seniors in the class of 2020.

September 1st, 2019 was my last first day of school. And I had really big plans for my senior year. This was going to be the year I made the most of every moment of class. This was going to be the year I embarked on my future. This would be my year.

Instead, I faced impossible life decisions. I faced crippling anxiety. I faced a part of myself I’d never seen before. The part of me that could be happy fitting in, being “normal”, for the rest of my life. That desire led me to college, a goal that was called into question when COVID-19 attacked the globe.

Life plans came to a grinding halt when the rest of the country started hoarding toilet paper and grocery store shelves were stripped bare. People stood in line to shop. Colleges, schools, and churches were forced to close their doors. “Social distancing” became the norm. And the class of 2020 suddenly took the brunt of the loss.

This is a situation being faced by every person in this country – and millions of people around the world. And teens like me are starting to wonder, “What does this mean for my future?”

I found an answer.

Earlier this year, I started dealing with anxiety related to medical trauma. Through the pain of that experience, God has shown me some beautiful – and difficult – truths.

He knows me. He sees me. He’s got this.

Christ desires from me my trust. He will walk with me. He will prepare the way. He only asks that I trust Him through the process.


Our faith is not warm and fuzzy. It cost Jesus His life for our salvation. That is why we praise Him. Not because of what He can do for us in the future, but because of what He already did in the past. This is where the rubber meets the road.

The current crisis in our world is leaving many people thinking that we’re going to be adjusting to a “new normal”. And I’ll be the first person to say I was happy with the old one. 😉 But I know my Father is in this. I know He is at work.

Jesus triumphed over death, over sin, over shame, and over anxiety. Whether that is a physical manifestation of anxiety or the anxiety caused by a global crisis, He sees. And He will fight for you.

There is a really awesome line-up of bloggers involved in this (I’m assuming . . . ’cause I haven’t seen the list). You can find all of them on Julia’s blog! I really encourage you to join us for the full Easter celebration.


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