Food Allergies Have Motivated Me (and a life update)

*hides* I know, I dropped off the face of the earth. (Unless you follow me on Instagram.) But the past couple months have been a little insane. A good kind of insane, but still, insane.

I’ve spent the past two months cramming for the SAT test, which I just took a few days ago. Now it’s a waiting game for the scores, and in the meantime I’m doing other college prep work.

Yeah, it’s been crazy. And fun. And exciting. And weird. I wrote this guest post a while ago, sharing some of the process of preparing for college/making decisions. I can’t even explain how much God has come through in the past two months. I’d like to organize some of the highlights into a blog post, so if that’s something you would enjoy, let me know in the comments.

Also, I found out I’m good at English.

(Also known as grammar/reading comprehension/editing/whatever-you-want-to-call-it)

The SAT prep had a lot of English, and since I’ve been writing since the age of eight, I had a head start. But it was still a learning curve, as I was unfamiliar with some of the coursework. Still, it became my strong point in the test (ESPECIALLY the writing and language section), which I was seriously grateful for, because my math is, well . . . less than exemplary. I’m working on it. (Who knew there were so many numbers?)

If you’re getting ready for the SAT, I do have one piece of advice: don’t stress. Just study.

Find your stride. Figure out what works for you.

In planning for college, the very first thing we had to work through was the reality of managing severe food allergies on campus. This seemed initially impossible, but once the pieces started to come together, I began to realize my allergies had actually served to shape elements of my plan for the rest of my life. Not just in the practical, but in the big picture. I needed a reason for the struggle with allergies – so I started writing about it. I wanted to make it easier for people to manage allergies. Ultimately, my plan is to work with kids. And in many ways, that stems from experiences – directly and indirectly related – with food allergies.

Don’t underestimate the reason for the pain. Let it strengthen you. Let it make you a better person. Let God use it for your good.

Is anyone else getting ready for college? Tell me about it! What are your plans? What college do you hope to get into?


  1. I’m really getting ready for college now! The fall will be here before I know it!
    I know something about the SAT and your advice I am in unison with 100% Don’t stress – just study! Thankfully, I only had to take it once. Waiting for the score is the hardest part!

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