The Food Award

AbbyRose nominated me for the food award, which is very apt for my blog. 😉 Thanks, Abby!


1.Thank the person that nominated you.

2. Pingback to the creator, Elisha

3. Use the same featured image as your nominator.

4. Answer the five questions.

5. Create five questions about food.

6. Nominate five people.

Abby’s questions for us . . .

  1. What’s one food you’ll never eat again in your whole life?
    I kinda want to say anything with wheat, but that’s too obvious, so . . . anything with lime. ‘Cause it’s disgusting. 😂
  2. What’s one food you make often that you really enjoy?
    Various pasta dishes. Hail the Italians who invented it!
  3. Do you have a recipe that you can make right off the top of your head?
    A from-scratch recipe? No, I don’t think so. A meal, yes.
  4. What’s your opinion between hot and cold foods?
    Hmm . . . generally, hot. But I LOVE pasta salads and potato salads and such, so some things have to be cold.
  5. Would you rather eat gold-lined pizza or regular pizza?
    Regular. I want to eat the pizza, not break my teeth. 😋

Thanks, Abby!


  1. Apple cider or coffee?
  2. Would you rather eat your favorite food outdoors in the bitter cold, or your least favorite food on a Hawaiian vacation?
  3. Would you rather live without chocolate ice cream or caramel (anything w/caramel) for the rest of your life?
  4. Is there any food you’re allergic to?
  5. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  6. Also, are you hungry right now? 😂

I like those questions, so you guys have to answer them. 😉







. . . and you! 😉


  1. You may be the first person I’ve met who doesn’t like lime!! 😆 MORE TAGS YIKES, lol. I’m just going to answer here bc tags stack up so fast—but these are really fun questions!
    1. Apple cider, all the way!! I don’t like coffee, period.
    2. My favorite food in the cold. A Hawaiian vacation just isn’t the way to tempt me, and besides, bitter cold in TX is a treat!! 😂
    3. Ooh that’s easy, scratch caramel. I love chocolate ice cream, but I couldn’t care less for anything caramel.
    4. Yeahhh…milk and pineapple. And yet I will still eat banana splits like a rebel and regret it later.
    5. Tacos! Or…wait, I can do one better. Taco pizza. Best of both worlds! 😂
    6. Surprisingly no…since I already stuffed myself on pizza. 😆
    Thanks for that!! It was fun. 👍


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