Painsomnia and Sick Days

Painsomnia: severe sleep-deprivation usually caused by chronic illness or pain.

For two of the past three weeks, I’ve been able to relate to people who struggle with painsomnia. I’ve had a bad cold that’s still working its way out. And nights have been awful. Between “cold headaches” and constant coughing, I’ve lost hours upon hours of sleep. But in the past week, we’ve seen it getting gradually better.

At the same time the cold started to let up, my allergies got worse. We still don’t know why. But it’s been a long three weeks. 🤨

Through this experience, we’re rethinking how we manage my allergies. My immune system is totally shot, so we have to work on rebuilding that. And it’s caused me to make some big decisions for the future. (Details on a later date.)

When dealing with food allergies, there are many considerations that come into play over time. One of them is the care of the immune system. “Sick days” can cause food allergies to become a more serious or immediate concern. A weakened immune system could be more likely to react adversely to accidental exposure. That is the domino effect we’ve been seeing over the past several weeks.

Whether you’re in the middle of illness right now, or something related, I hear you. We’re on a tough road called invisible disability and we’re in it for the long haul. But that’s okay. ‘Cause we can link arms and get through it together.

Please feel free to reach out through my contact page if you want to talk!

What road are you traveling today? Any fellow sufferers this cold and flu season? 😉


  1. I can relate. There’s been many times I’ve gone over 40 hours with no sleep. Hang in there, we got this. Thanks for your encouragement, girl! Hope you’ll be feeling better soon.

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