Let’s Celebrate Food Allergy Awareness Month

Today is the last day of Food Allergy Awareness Month. So I’m a little late. Let’s celebrate. ‘Cause for those of us who have food allergies, these 31 days symbolize a lot.

Here ends food allergy awareness month. I’d like a huge thank you and a round of applause to go to everyone who took time this month to raise awareness.

Having a food allergy awareness month means a lot to me personally because severe allergies should not be hidden, especially when there is such a strong community of people dealing with the same issues.

But teal isn’t just for May, you know? We should be raising awareness all year round. Even just in small ways. When you’re a teen with food allergies, one of the hardest things to accept is that you should talk about it – openly and clearly – because it’s an invisible disability. But when one person takes the time to educate someone else about the truth of food allergies, they’re making it safer for the next food allergic person. Let that sink in. I’m completely serious.

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Wear teal, people. Onward!


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