When All You Can Do Is Breathe . . .

For about a hundred different reasons, we’ll all have days when all we can do is breathe. Since I’m there right now, let’s get through it together, shall we?

We all need to be able to find something that leaves us renewed and refreshed. Because we’re all going to have days when life just sucks the air out of our lungs.

When all I can do is breathe, I know God is taking care of the rest.

Whatever is keeping you down today, whether it’s an illness, food allergies, chronic illness, or injury (*raises hand*), get inspired. It may not look better in the morning, but your perspective can.

So let me leave you with a couple of songs that have helped me keep my head above the waters of discouragement and stress the past few days.

(By the way, I seriously recommend listening to these, even if you’re having the best day of your year.) 🙂

Would you like prayer for something or someone in your life? Let me know in the comments or contact me directly. ❤


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