What Happens When a Gluten-free Girl Eats Candy For the First Time

The very first thing I was aware of missing out on as a kid was . . . candy. Everyone was constantly offering me candy and I couldn’t eat it. And then, today, as a seventeen-year-old . . . I ate candy.

gluten-free candy

Gluten-free candy, of course. Jelly beans, to be exact. But let’s talk about this for a minute, and build up to the momentous moment together.

So, as a kid, everyone always offered me candy. Which, of course, I had to refuse, because it seemed like no candy was ever gluten free. Besides, I probably saved my teeth from some horrible things that way. 🙂

All you have to do, now that gluten free recipes have taken over the Internet, is make your own. And you can certainly find gluten-free candy online and in stores. Which was what happened today. On display at a local grocery store was . . . gluten-free jelly beans. Organic gluten-free jelly beans.

I couldn’t resist. Jelly beans had always looked so good.

But, you see, that comes with a slight problem. I’ve never had candy. So I never developed an appreciation for sickly sweet . . . well, anything.

I grabbed a red jelly bean . . .

. . . and I might have spit it out.

Yyeeaahh, that was my introduction to candy. At age seventeen. 😉

Turns out, I was never missing much. I used to gaze longingly at the glazed donuts, sprinkles-covered donuts, melting ice cream in an ice cream cone . . . But how much was I really missing? I mean, I haven’t drooled over those desserts in a long time, because I don’t even remember a time when I could eat them.

And there are gluten-free alternatives. In fact, when my family decided to find gluten-free pizza – because, you can’t give up pizza, right? – the only options were cardboard-like crust or . . . cardboard-like crust.

I was the only one in my family who LOVED, like, L.O.V.E.D the cardboard crust pizza.


Because a four-year-old Celiac isn’t going to remember what other pizza tasted like.

I know many people aren’t diagnosed with food allergies that young. To those who are, I would say you have a bit of an advantage. A longing for “real food” or “the snacks I used to eat” isn’t going to exist in a little while. You won’t remember the savory taste of a wheat pizza or the smell of peanut butter. (Seriously, who likes the smell of peanut butter, anyway?)

So if you’re eating pizza that tastes like cardboard or candy that’s just not as sweet as it used to be, try telling yourself, you’re not missing much.

P.S. We have since found an incredible-tasting gluten-free pizza. Hallelujah!

Great, now I’m getting hungry.

What is the hardest food for you to live without? Talk to me in the comments! We’ll be hungry together. 🙂

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