When Your Vacuum Cleaner Needs a Therapy Session

I’ve lived with environmental allergies for as long as I can remember. The only way we’ve found to manage it is to keep the floors in our house constantly vacuumed and try to maintain the dog and cat hair during the pollen season. But seriously . . . not fun.

Food allergies – and other autoimmune disorders; especially Celiac – can leave your immune system in a state of chaos. A strict, healthy diet is critical to staying safe. But environmental allergies can beat down the body’s defense systems too. Many people have difficulty with allergies, sometimes severely, in the pollen season. And as we are entering spring, which for us is the beginning of that season, I thought I’d share a few tips to help you manage environmental allergies.

The vacuum cleaner. Ours is essential to our home. Not just because we have three cats and *cough* several dogs, but because those creatures inevitably bring in pollen and dust from outside in the summertime. Our cats spend much of their time outdoors in the warmer weather. But when they do come in, so does half the ragweed on the property. 🙃

Constant cleaning of the floors is our first line of defense. And as you probably know, that can get pretty tough for a vacuum cleaner. Faithful as she is, ours probably needs a therapy session by now.

There’s an important concept to environmental allergies you need to know. In many people, allergies to pollen or certain types of dust or pets will build up over time until they are triggered by literally anything. We were convinced last year that I was allergic to our cats – until we realized the cats were bringing pollen into the house on their fur. My wheat allergies, also, were triggered by the hay and grain dust in our barn, to the point that I couldn’t go into the barn at all.

You’ll have to find the method that best helps you manage environmental allergies. Although it’s important to know what you’re allergic to in your home or yard, also remember that just because something triggers a reaction, doesn’t mean you’re allergic to it. Even minor allergies can be inflamed by a more serious one.

So if you have a vacuum cleaner in need of therapy, I might assume there is either a dog hair crisis in progress . . . or environmental allergies afoot.  🤔 I hear you. Environmental allergies are a pain. And the source can be very difficult to pin-point. Don’t ask me how I know.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! What environmental allergies affect you? Have you found some success in managing them? Let’s chat.

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