How Homeschool Has Helped in Dealing with Food Allergies (and dispelling homeschool myths)

In a year or so, I’ll be a homeschool graduate. I could not be more grateful to have been homeschooled. It has also helped enormously in dealing with severe food allergies.

Homeschool has gathered a lot of myths over the years, but anyone who deals with food allergies and is homeschooled can likely attest to the relief it is not to be in the public school system. In such a setting, the risk of contamination is huge. And with something like gluten, well . . . gluten is in everything.

Let’s look at some of the myths and facts.

1. Homeschooled kids are less social.

This is, like, the biggest myth I know related to homeschooling. Some people just aren’t social butterflies. Homeschooled or not. But in my experience, the kids and teens who are homeschooled are more social and easier to communicate with than those in public school. That’s not a generalization – everyone’s different. That’s just the common thread among the people I’ve met.

2. Homeschoolers are less likely to get into college.

Statistically, that’s not true. And because homeschool classes can be tailored to a student’s needs and learning level, it’s possible for homeschooled students to be ahead of those in some public schools.

3. Homeschool isn’t fun.

(I’ve actually only heard this implied once. Maybe it’s not a genuine “myth”.)

Okay, it may not always be “fun”. But there are a lot of things that can be fun. Spontaneous field trips. Getting out for summer vacation sooner than everyone else (because, yeah, no snow days). 😃

But seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a homeschooler say they’d rather be in public school.

4. Homeschoolers don’t have a lot of friends.

There’s really no reason for this to be the case for you. This was actually true for me until I got involved with a group of (mostly) homeschooled teens. I instantly made friends. Plus, I think a lot of areas have homeschool co-op type groups you can get involved in.

So, yeah, I’m biased, but there have been huge benefits to homeschool for me, not the least of which comes from dealing with a severe food allergy. I’ll admit to a knot in my stomach every time I have to explain to someone what that’s all about. Being homeschooled takes some of that pressure off and just makes every day that much safer.

When learning to adapt your life and the lifestyle of your family to the demands and restrictions of food allergies, it’s important to consider what is going to help you, especially as a teen, to cope with the limitations and inevitable anxiety that come from a dangerous allergic reaction. Homeschool has been an incredible blessing for me in that area.

What myths have you heard about homeschooling? Can you relate to the advantages of homeschool when dealing with food allergies? Chat with me in the comments!


  1. It’s so nice to hear from a homeschooled teen! My son is 16 and I’ve been homeschooling him since he was 6. We’ve encountered many myths about homeschooling. Most are pretty silly.

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    • Thank you! Yes, some of the myths are pretty ridiculous. 🙂 But at least they don’t affect very much when it comes to getting through a school day, unlike the myths related to food allergies.

      Welcome to the blog!! ❤ Thanks for your comment.

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